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RestHAIRation® uses natural ingredients to generate scalp stimulation for hair growth.

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  1. Men's 32 oz. set
  2. Men's 16 oz. set
  3. Women's 32 oz. set
  4. Women's 16 oz. set
  5. Color Rejuvenator 32 oz. set


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Shampoo and Conditioner

See how RestHAIRation can help you regrow your hair naturally and leave you with a full head of healthy hair!

Hair Growth Testimonials

Year Special

Take advantage of a complete RestHAIRation® product line set.

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One Year Supply of RestHAIRation for Men

women's one year supply

One Year Supply of RestHAIRation for Women


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customers attribute RestHAIRation® products to:

  • regrowing hair
  • bring back your natural hair color
  • replenishes nutrients in your scalp
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Men's Conditioner Special

Purchase either two Men's 16 oz. Conditioner or a single Men's 32 oz. set and we'll automatically send you another Men's 16oz. Conditioner free!